Best car tires: get an expert opinion

Choosing the best tires for your car guarantees your safety on wet as well as dry roads. Get to know the opinions of an expert.

Choosing the best tires for your car is one of the main concerns to consider. These are responsible for transmitting the entire component of your vehicle to the ground. A good choice of tires can improve performance and safety on the road, while a bad choice can hurt.

For this, it is important to clarify that, regardless of the choice of brand, type of tire and associated dimensions, the main focus is that the best tires are those that best adapt to your vehicle and your driving. As with all products, there are advantages and disadvantages and tires fall into a budget category whose values ​​can be quite different.

Another approach that every driver should always keep in mind is evident in the use and maintenance of tires. A tire that, for example, does not have the correct pressure, can compromise the safety of your car, as well as the level of premature wear, lack of dynamics, increased consumption and an above average noise level.

In order to clarify these and other particularities about the choice of the best tires to be equipped in your car, we proceeded to collect information through a specialist in this area, based on a more realistic and factual component.


Some car manufacturers choose a certain brand of tires to be fitted at the factory in the most varied types of models. However, the same tire brand may have different ranges of composite and tire geometry, depending on the type of model. The best tires are always those that understand the purpose and typology of the car. We can find different tires that are intended for city, family, SUV´s and sports segments.

In order to consolidate credible information, we resort to the opinion of a specialist, whose experience is revealed within the domain of tire composition, balance and alignments.

According to José Carlos - manager of the Auto Calibragem Silvar workshop , in Guimarães - there are essentially 3 ranges in the tire market to be fitted to cars: the reference marks, intermediate marks and the sub-marks (white marks of the reference marks).

Reference marks

With regard to obtaining the best performance of your car, as well as promoting a level of prolonged wear, the Michelin brand is considered the leader in this category of criteria, as well as in the preference of equipment by the drivers. The following is the Continental and Bridgestone as equivalent alternatives. For further details, go here: sumitomo htr a/s p02 review

Intermediate marks

For drivers looking to equip the best tires, but with a more competitive alternative, the brands Firestone , Vredestein and Nexen are suggested . All of these tires have balanced values ​​between them and are a more economical alternative to the reference brands.


Although tires are an essential asset in promoting and guaranteeing continuous safety on the road, they end up being one of the biggest investments, after the purchase of a car. Sometimes, many drivers choose to buy used tires so as not to subtract too many amounts from the budget at the end of the month.

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